Ezra Forest

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Roles with GTNT: Assistant Director, Actor

Ezra Forest is a two-spirit/non-binary theatre artist based out of Saskatoon. They are from Samson Cree Nation in Alberta, in the great Treaty Six Territory. Ezra is a 2015/2016 Circle of Voices alumni. They are also a 2019 Wicihitowin Theatre Program graduate with the University of Saskatchewan. Ezra is a produced: Poet, Actor, Playwright, Designer, Facilitator, Dancer (retired), Director, and Production Assitant. They currently coordinate the 2022/2023 Circle of Voices program, and spend their free time eating snacks and napping. It’s a great life. Aho. PS. Running COV is Ezra’s passion and they thank everyone invovled at GTNT for supporting their career.

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