Our Mission

To produce and present innovative cultural theatre experiences that engage and empower First Nations, Métis and Inuit youth, artists and the greater Saskatchewan community.

Our Vision

GTNT creates a world where people are transformed through Indigenous performance.

Our Values - R.I.S.E.

Respect: The promotion of respect for ourselves, others and our creative art form that results in a commitment to welcoming everyone to the circle and valuing every contribution as meaningful.

Identity: Fostered in culture, language, and history we encourage an exploration of who we are, what we speak, where we are from, and where we are going as individuals and as a community.

Sharing: The inclusion of knowledge, friendship, and resources that brings us closer together as a community of working artists.

Excellence: With pride and professional integrity we commit to encouraging constant growth as artists, to challenge the status quo, and to push the creative envelope.

Community Partnerships

GTNT recognizes the immense value of maintaining strong partnerships in the community, especially in regard to the company’s work with children and youth.

  • We work extensively with Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op (CNYC) and share a van and space for meetings and storage. CNYC also helps GTNT identify youth who could benefit from our cultural arts programming.
  • We value our Saskatoon theatre partners, especially the ones at La Troupe Du Jour, and our business partners in the Riversdale community.  We all work together to create a rich cultural community in the heart of Saskatoon!