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  • Aalliyah MacNab
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King Lear decides it’s time to divide his kingdom between his three daughters. A trusted advisor to Lear, The Earl of Gloucester, brings his bastard son back to court after a nine-year absence. Lear battles the nature without and within him, while Gloucester endures the cost of helping the King. Full of deception and disguises,

April 25, 2024May 12, 2024


A group of friends find themselves at an old cabin, and without cell service or internet, begin telling scary stories. The evening unfolds as the pals tell silly, spooky, and ultimately heartwarming stories that remind them just how much they care about each other, and the power of stories and storytellers… especially when the spirits

March 22, 2024March 31, 2024

Mistikokamik of Horror

Kohkom takes her grandchildren, Malena and Ira, back in time to when she was a child and had to face the power of the Mimi Kwesak in order to save herself and her best friend.Following it’s Saskatoon run Tayen and the Mimi Kwesak will be touring throughout Saskatchewan to Schools and Rural Communities March 5

February 22, 2024March 2, 2024

Tayen and the Mimi Kwesak

Mary of Patuanak is a story mirroring the birth of a sacred child from an Indigenous perspective, and is set in Saskatoon and Patuanak circa 1985. Mary, a Dene woman, is struggling with the dream world. In her travels she meets Maggie, and elder, and Joe, a carpenter, who falls for her. Along the way,

December 7, 2023December 15, 2023

Mary of Patuanak

Meet Nakota. A young boy who is sick in the hospital and trying to write the greatest story ever.One day, Grandpa Rocko comes over for a visit. Next thing Nakota knows, he is whisked awayinto a world of stories that are right below his feet. Within the land. This show explores theinterplay between stories of

June 2, 2023June 4, 2023

Rocko & Nakota: Tales From the Land

In the middle of a dark and cold winter night— hidden deep in the quiet woods of Northern Saskatchewan— unexplained forces bring together two ordinary strangers at a seemingly abandoned military outpost. As their short-wave radio broadcasts macabre prophecies of impending doom, our two strangers unravel their cryptic and enigmatic circumstances. They are forced to

March 22, 2023April 1, 2023

Dead Hand Signal