Chris Krug Iron

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Roles with GTNT: Actor

Chris (he/him) is a Cree-German actor and educator from the Canoe Lake Cree First Nation who currently lives in and works around Saskatoon. He has convocated with his B. Ed (’21), BFA (’23), and wîcêhtowin Indigenous Theatre Certificate (’22) from Usask. Chris was deeply honoured when asked to help create this show three years ago, as working on Lear has been instrumental in connecting with and reclaiming his mother language; the meaning of this show cannot be overstated to him, not least of which is getting to create alongside amazingly creative and committed individuals. Selected credits include Baba’s Magic Mitten (Dancing Sky), wâhkôhtowin (Sum), Short Cuts (On the Boards), Macbeth (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan), and Gordon Winter (Greystone). kinanāskomitinawaw, nitotēmak.

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