Thank You for your interest in making a contribution today!

Your support of the Youth Touring Fund will make our youth tour affordable for even the smallest schools and communities in Saskatchewan.

Touring a theatrical production across Saskatchewan is an expensive endeavor. Actors and Stage Managers all need to get paid. Transportation, fuel, food, and accommodations all add up as well. These costs can make it infeasible for us to travel to smaller or more remote communities.

While government grants and funding help to cover some of these costs, they only cover a portion of them and still leave us unable to reach many rural and remote communities that would be impacted by Indigenous Storytelling and theatrical productions.

The Youth Touring Fund Remedies That.

With the generous support of people just like you our goal is to raise $10,000 towards our Youth Touring Fund for 2023/2024. This will ensure that our touring production of Tayen and the Mimi Kwesak can reach the remote and rural communities that are interested in hosting a performance.